Special Egg / Hard Egg Timer
Minuteur Spécial œuf Dur/à La Coque
Minuteur Spécial œuf Dur/à La Coque

Special egg / boiled timer

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Thanks to this timer, your eggs will be cooked to perfection and according to the desired cooking.

Just put the gadget with your eggs in a saucepan and little by little, it changes color.

The texture and color of the leather eggs are calculated and visible from the graduated scale indicated on the product: boiled (soft), calves (medium) or hard (hard).

Use and preservation advice:  

  • place with one or more eggs
  • check the cooking of your eggs from the graduation scale
  • remove your eggs according to the desired cooking (soft, medium, hard) then exit the timer
  • cool / do not dive into cold water

Product sold individually.

No other colors available.

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