Mezzaluna Chopping Knife In Steel + Wood Handle
Couteau À Hacher Mezzaluna En Acier + Manche Bois
Couteau À Hacher Mezzaluna En Acier + Manche Bois

Mezzaluna chopping knife made of steel + wooden handle

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 Looking for a new tool to decorate your kitchen? Here is another form of kitchen knife with a traditional design: the Mezzaluna chopper.

The Mezzalune consists of a simple curved blade with a handle at each end. It is most often used to chop an assortment of herbs (for the preparation of a sauce "Pesto") or slice portions of pizzas. 

The two-handle design ensures a careful and firm cutting of vegetables, herbs, meats, pizzas etc ... and security because your fingers will not be in contact with the sharp blade.

The blade of the knife is made of very robust stainless steel. As for the handles, they are made of high quality wood and their wavy shapes provide a comfortable grip at the time of use.


storage: drawer / magnetic strip knife
material: steel blade + wooden handles
sizes: 250 * 150 * 10mm
weight: 132g

Use tip: Swing the front blade 

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