Ciseaux De Cuisine à Herbes - 3 Lames
Ciseaux De Cuisine à Herbes - 3 Lames
Herbal Kitchen Scissors - 3 Blades

Kitchen scissors with herbs - 3 blades

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Finely and quickly chop your aromatic herbs for cooking.

With 3 sharp blades, these highly functional kitchen scissors allow you to easily and regularly cut different ingredients: herbs, salads, meats or even baking paper.

The blades are made of extremely sharp stainless steel and the silicone handle makes it easy to grip the kitchen knife and gives a feeling that is not at all unpleasant to use.


  • ergonomic design: stainless steel blade (does not rust) / silicone handle
  • 2 available sizes: 19,3 x 8 cm / 13 x 6 cm
  • color: random

Product sold individually.

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