Kitchen or pastry spatula

La spatula cooking, also called marie-louise or maryse, serves to scrape the bottom of the containers. You can also use it to pick up, mix or incorporate all kinds of devices whether it's Food or pastry. It serves, among other things, to mix with a lightness, while respecting a precise technique, egg whites or whipped cream with other ingredients. Sure, we have selected some models to meet your needs.


In order to properly realize your recipes Food and patisserie, do not hesitate to buy the set of 4 Stainless steel spatulas + wooden handle available on our website. Whether you want to spin pancakes or take off biscuits and cakes from their baking paper, it will be useful. The lot is composed of 4 spatulas of different sizes.


You want to make a cream whipped cream or prepare a béchamel sauce? Whatever recipe you imagine, it will be easier to make with this lot of 6 spatulas bamboo kitchen. These utensils cooking will help you avoid scratching the surface of your pots, pans, pans and other.

All your preparations, will be more airy thanks to these utensils of different shapes and colors, made in various materials. As functional as design, they will facilitate your actions in the kitchen.

All these kitchen spatulas as well as other products and accessoiries can be found on our website!