What basic kitchen tools do you need?

Whether you are a follower of traditional dishes, culinary creations, sweet or savory dishes, you will always needtools to prepare them comfortably and safely. And if we all dream of a complete cookware worthy of a star chef, we must start with the utensils of which we will name the most important ones.

Kitchen tools for cutting

Between vegetables, meats and fruits, you will often have to cut different pieces to integrate more easily to your different recipes. The tools indispensable kitchen tools for cutting are therefore the series of knives inserted in a safety block. For example, you will find couteau meat, chopping knife or vegetable knife.

Kitchen scissors come in addition to get rid of packaging products more easily, or get a more regular cut of your herbs. And to work on a clean surface, the cutting board glass, wood or plastic will be your ally.

Cooking utensils

After cutting your ingredients, you will need a kitchen tool to cook them. Again, the volume required will vary depending on the flat to prepare.

If a pot-au-feu requires the use of a large saucepan with lid, the frying pans will be more practical for sauteing your vegetables, frying your potatoes or braising your meats. As for the square pan, it goes into the oven and facilitates the preparation of bread and other pastry.

And to mix or taste your preparations, sets of wooden ladles, spoons and spatulas are always essential.

Practical kitchen tools

For a quick preparation of your dishes, you will need various tools of Food more practical as strainers to drain boiled pasta, rinse vegetables and fruits.

Do not forget measuring utensils such as kitchen scales, cups, spoons and glasses to get the exact amount of ingredients for your recipes, especially if they are in liters or grams.

The other tools to be provided are a finger guard, mixing bowls for dressing sauces served with salads, beaters and whips to make omelettes or cake dough, bottle opener and manual opener to come tinned cans and bottles of beer, soda or fruit juice.