Pastry kitchen mold

Le moule is the essential element to make many recipes for cooking and baking. Indeed, whether to make a dish or prepare a cake, it is useful to shape the preparations. Over the years, new technological advances have allowed designers to offer various models. strives to offer you the best molds at competitive prices.


Whatever the material in which is realized the cake moldit will meet your expectations. Enjoying every occasion, the cake comes in a sweet and savory version. His mold is in essence a rectangular mold. To innovate, various forms are currently available on the market. You will find rectangular molds made of silicone or steel on our site.


To make the best recipes frozen by the heat, has selected many models of ice mold. They are ideal for making ice creams, ice creams or simple ice cubes. We offer mini Magnum ice cream molds, ice cube molds ...


In order to make the most classic recipes, we have many cake molds. It should be known that there are specific molds to make the specific cakes. We suggest round or square cake molds to make simple cakes. Digitally shaped cake pans are also available so you can make number cake.


Thanks to the donut mold available on our site, you can make 8 donuts in one batch. It is ideal for making your recipes for sweet donuts, and why not savory? As a snack or breakfast, you will enjoy yourself. It is just as well suited for home use as it is for professional use.

PIE PAN puts at your disposal mini pie pan in aluminum to make your best sweet and savory recipes. Useful in any season, it is a must to have in his cupboards. Quiches, rolls or mini tartlets, you just have to vary your recipes.