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"In June, I entered into a partnership with Kitchen Tools, and you know me now head in the air that I am I forgot to introduce you the small object that I received !!


But what can it be?


I say it to you but because it is you lol 🙂 this small object very useful is the Circle Cake Mold Adjustable", Which will allow you to make cakes to the size you want !!

This mold is adjustable in several sizes ranging from 6 to 10 cm, no panic it is graduated on the inside which allows to identify 🙂

It is normally used to make cakes, I also use it to make my presentations on plates when we have the world is a little more fun I find 🙂

It is all stainless steel so in theory should not rust in time, I would do an edict in a few months to tell you in what state it is 🙂tools

The setting is very easy thanks to two small fins that can enlarge or shrink, I must say that it is convenient, but to my taste too soft, I would have appreciated a limited system to block them to not that the mold expands suddenly (I have not yet had the case but I expect)

What is super convenient and nice is the fact of being able to enlarge the mold to get out the cake effortlessly, and the cake is beautiful I tried to make a cupcake with, in the beginning I do not hide that I saw me already with the dough underneath and have it everywhere (like any miss disaster self-respect lol), well it went wonderfully once again prejudices have life hard at home mdr 🙂


At the exit of the oven I let it cool I did not see myself playing with hot like that (no I'm not typed at this point there lol), I removed it lukewarm because cold, I think the cake would have broken !!

I who was dubitative in front of this mold, I took a moment to decide to use it (you know when you do not trust but you have to get started at any cost), and finally the mold is solid, light, it goes to Dishwasher without problem, I advise you to wipe it well at the exit of the dishwasher, putting it as large as possible so that moisture does not stagnate in it.

You can find this circle, on the website of my partner Tools Kitchen, and full of utensils that we do not necessarily think except when we see them lol 🙂


I thank my partner Kitchen Tools for their trust and apologize for the delay in producing this article. Thank you also for your kindness and your availability during our various exchanges by email. "


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