Mandy's Kitchen tested the individual cake pan

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Our partner Mandy Massin of Blog La Cuisine de Mandy has tested for you a very practical utensil for making round culinary presentations in individual portions (you can use it to make individual cakes, but also to present your main dishes on the plate as with rice, mash etc ...).

Here is a copy and paste of his Blog article:

Adjustable mold is the specialist in kitchen gadgets and articles, you will find lots of really nice things there!

Adjustable circle

Just like this adjustable cake circle, ideal for all culinary preparations.

I love it and really use it for everything. As well for my decor, it's great to make a beautiful presentation with mash for example ... It is also nice for everything that is sweet or savory desserts, for cakes and even your gratins, it really makes pretty layered layers, the possibilities are endless and so are their sizes!

Look, I made these desserts with the same circle, I could make them of all sizes but only made two models for you because there are only four at home, including a child and a baby.

So, want to get started?

Come find this superb gadget and all the superb things that you will need in the kitchen on the shop by clicking here.

Do not hesitate to tell me what you think about it and if this article or another conquered you.

PS: Find the recipe HERE

See you soon :)

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