How to generate automatic income thanks to the Ambassador Program?

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Have you joined our Ambassador program but don't really know where to start?

The reason most people fail to make money from affiliates is because they try out all the new methods without really digging into them. Each time an expert sends an email about the launch of a new product or a new service, they change course and end up dispersing so much that they come to nothing. The real secret to affiliate success is ... CONCENTRATION !

Billions of euros are spent every year on the internet and this amount is constantly increasing, even more since the health crisis. With the right knowledge, you can take a share of this market ...

It all sounds interesting, doesn't it? Anyone Can Start Making Money Online, But Not Many People Get There Or Even Try ...

I think the main reason is that people either don't believe in it, or they don't bother and don't have the means to invest.

It is said that only 3% of people who start these kinds of businesses manage to make it a full-time and sustainable activity. Does that mean that you have little chance of being part of this 3%? Well absolutely not, because this is not a matter of luck, but rather knowing how to go about it using the right techniques.

The differences between you and someone who earns tens of thousands of dollars each year are:

• EFFICIENT WORK (efficiency does not mean quantity)



Anyone today is capable of making money on the Internet as long as they are motivated and spend some time training. A few hours a week can be enough to put something in place and start making money. Because Pareto's law also applies here, remember this:

20% of the work you do will earn you 80% of your internet income.

This means that you can drop (in some cases delegate) the remaining 80% and focus only on the 20% that are worth it. It will be hours, days, weeks that you will save, if you listen to the right advice, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and waste time on what doesn't.

You should know that once the knowledge acquired to earn € 1 per month, you will also have the knowledge to earn 000, because you just need to apply this method on a larger scale. But let's start by recalling what affiliation is ...

What is Affiliate?


To find out, let's just go back to around 1995: Amazon then thought wisely about turning its own customers into business partners by leaving them commissions on each sale that took place thanks to them. By means of personalized links and a computer marking system, it becomes possible to trace the transactions and to know very precisely that the sale was generated by such or such person via the Internet. The partner only has to communicate these links through a website, blog, forum, email, business card, etc. To promote the products of the company to which he is affiliated and thus see in real time commissions generated on his account. Few people are still familiar with this process in French-speaking countries. It is only beginning to be democratized among web entrepreneurs. Yet it is a real small revolution for the trade! You can do it right away, from home, no matter where you are. All you need to have is a bank account to collect your commissions.

Affiliate side

The benefits are maximum with affiliate because you don't even have to deal with order tracking anymore, you don't even know your customers and don't need to get in touch with them.

The only work you have to do is:

1- Make people click on your affiliate links

2- To collect commissions

That's all!

Often affiliation is misunderstood and this misunderstanding is first and foremost technical. Between the skeptics who do not believe it and those who imagine that the money will fall without doing anything, there is a world.

What an affiliate should understand is that its role is not to sell but to recommend. This nuance is essential. You are a sales representative without the hassle of door to door. You don't need to be "forcing" to promote your product.

No need to be a computer scientist or a programmer either to understand how the affiliation works, you just have to be a little curious and smart and remember that it is through a personalized link given by the merchant's site, that the latter will know that it was you who brought him the sales. From there: giving the link to your contacts in a subtle way will be your one and only job and the whole strategy will be built around this one and only data.

It is this simplicity, this subtlety that makes the power of affiliation and that sometimes people do not believe it, are confused or do not understand.

Obviously, you will have to work a minimum to generate recurring earnings but this may turn out to be minimal compared to everything you should have done by selling the product directly:

• Stock management

• Establishment of a merchant site with secure payment

• Invoicing for each transaction

• Product delivery

• After-sales service • Customer follow-up

• Permanent contacts with the client

• Various logistics costs

I let you count the number of hours, days, weeks and euros that you will save!

Imagine… making the recommendation of simple links only involves writing good thematic articles that you write, that you send in a newsletter or post on a blog during the hours when it suits you!

You can also use the most powerful advertising network in the world: Google Ads to promote your links.

Once all this is in place, you can go about other occupations and come back from time to time to see your commission amounts go up. With only a few hours of work per week, you can either earn a supplemental income or even a second salary if your employer allows it.

The affiliate must do it the right way to generate earnings that can reach several thousand euros per month.

The commonly used method is to insert a product banner or banner on its site and then wait for visitors to click on it.

The other is to promote the product directly with Adwords. This can be profitable but in the first case, it will be necessary to create a site with a very targeted theme.

In the second case, it will be necessary to choose ultra targeted keywords with very relevant hooks and to calculate the profitability very regularly.

In my opinion, we can do a lot better than that. Rather than promoting a direct link affiliate product in Adwords, I suggest you point your ad to your own squeeze page, capture your prospect's email with an autoresponder and only then redirect the visitor to the affiliate product.

This allows you to:

1. Build a list of prospects

2. Leave him your business card by offering him an ebook with your links

3. To have precise statistics

4. To make reminders on the product the following days

5. To sell other products afterwards

Whereas if you link directly to the product's sales page, you will have very little leeway with very low conversion rates, around 1% in most cases. Why? Well, because you will present the product to the visitor only once. You will only have one and only chance to sell to him. However, on the Internet, we close a web page as quickly as it takes time to click on an ad. It only takes a doubt in your visitor, a lack of decision, a tight end of the month, the desire to postpone, a technical problem for him to close the page and then you will have lost your potential customer forever. While if you keep in touch with him, you will have as much luck as you want to talk to him about your product subtly and gain him your trust. You will give him time and availability.

Always remember to build a list - it's your greatest treasure even if you only sell through affiliate sales. So you can always get back on your feet and no matter what, all the work you have done before will never be wasted.

Likewise, when you have the choice between an affiliate link that leads directly to the sales page and another on a squeeze page, except in rare circumstances, always prefer the squeeze page. The affiliate salesperson will have a much better chance of selling by following up on their customer and you will receive your commission.

Always make sure you know the products you are recommending. It is very important to be convinced of this before, because it is the enthusiasm and the conviction that you will convey in your messages that will make all the difference, even for a simple recommendation.

What are the other possibilities of transmitting an affiliate link other than on a site or in a newsletter?

• Participate in forums

• Place free ads

• Publish articles

• Write your own viral ebook

• Use social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Youtube, LinkedIn etc ...

The best path to success

This is what I like to call the “Cycle of Success”. I know that sounds a little 'cheesy', but that's the name for it. I will explain this concept to you in detail! If you follow this 5-step clockwise plan, you will succeed, 9 out of 10 times, in just about anything you do!


By far the most important thing you MUST do to be successful is taking action. Without taking action, you will NEVER get any results. I think the Number 1 reason people don't TAKE ACTION is fear: • Fear of losing money • Fear of failing • Fear of success (yes, some people are afraid to succeed) Remember that nothing happens without taking the first step! ACTION, ACTION, ACTION! If you have to remember only one thing from this course, it will be to take ACTION!


By taking action, you will start to see results or the lack of results. It sounds a lot like a science experiment. You want to collect data so that you can use it to set up a profitable strategy. Once you've uploaded a project and you're not getting the results you want, you can dig deeper into the analysis and make any changes needed to get the results you want. After several analyzes and adaptations of your strategy, your company will operate like a well-oiled machine!


A sense of accomplishment will naturally flow as you take action and get the best results from the continuous refinement of your strategy. It's a virtuous circle! There you go, you might think it's obvious (and it is), but I learned all of this after a lot of attempts and mistakes. This is precisely what I want to avoid you here: wasting your time and your money. If you follow this step by step process well, you will get great results!


This is where you will reach the pinnacle. No more negative thoughts, no more doubts, you have succeeded! You can use that confidence and success to turn it back into new businesses and other successes. Once it has happened, anything becomes possible! I'll start with a pep talk to motivate you, before getting you straight into the subject. If you are still reading this article it is because you certainly want a change in your life and if you are able to follow a proven plan and TAKE ACTION then you will succeed in achieving the goals you set for yourself. fixed and all that you will fix. Now let's get to the heart of the matter in order to allow you to quickly reach, month after month, Paypal transfers with several figures ...

How to choose the products to promote?

The choice of the products you are going to promote is essential.

Each time you embark on a project, however simple it is, with each decision you must make, even if it is for the simple promotion of a product in affiliate, ask yourself these 3 questions:

Why am I doing this?

How long will it take me?

Is it really worth it?

So you will be aware of the choices you make when you make the decisions and if the answer to the first question is "because I like to do it and it amuses me", at least you will do it with confidence. awareness knowing that it will not necessarily be for profitability. I insist on this point, because often, when you are an affiliate, ambassador, influencer, it is difficult to frame yourself and see things objectively. You can easily lie to yourself thinking that what you are doing is a good job when it is not. This is called having your head in the handlebars and it can lead to failure.

The launch of a new product

I'm sure you regularly receive emails from people telling you that a new product is coming to the market. You should know that the people who relay this information are those who are currently earning the most money. Since you certainly don't have a very large subscriber list yet, you can get around this problem by taking advantage of the opportunity that every product launch brings to the market. I will reveal to you the method I used when I started to start earning my first euros. It's a fairly easy way to earn money, but it requires minimal effort. Let's get started!

In order to be notified from the first hours of the launch of a new product, I advise you to subscribe to all the lists of influential people in your market. This will allow you to improve your knowledge since they will share a lot of advice with you and you will be regularly informed of new developments. However, I advise you to classify the emails of each of these people automatically in folders that you will reread later, so as not to get distracted when you answer your emails.

The first step is to buy a domain name.

Why buy a domain name? The reason you must do this is that you must have full control of your site. A blog on Blogger, or any other free platform, can be closed at any time without you knowing it. Such a situation is tantamount to throwing all your internet presence efforts out the window. You must register a domain name that is similar to that of the product or domain you want to promote (in our case the kitchen!). This will allow you to be better indexed by search engines and thus, to collect many commissions.

Now that you've purchased a domain name, it's time to build your website. This is where you are going to send all your traffic and definitely offer bonuses to entice people to buy the product through your affiliate link.

The easiest way is to install a Wordpress blog on your hosting (for the less experienced you can start with Wix for example), then add articles relating to the launch of the product as well as its content. When your site is online, all you have to do is get traffic to capture as many email addresses as possible. I will come back to how to set up an effective AdWords campaign and the use of free methods.

Discover low competition keywords

I know a lot of people are afraid to use Google AdWords. That's why I added the method I use to find the keywords that drive targeted traffic without spending a dime on promotion. This method will allow you to aim for the top spots quite easily without your competition realizing it.

I will explain this method to you, step by step, in the last part of the article.

The main advantage is that the whole process is free and it can allow you to generate lots of commissions quite easily.

FREE Traffic Methods

This chapter will allow me to introduce different methods to generate free traffic to your site. I used these techniques when I first started and the results obtained were very interesting. The key to these methods is repetition, unlike sponsored links (Google AdWords) where you can get results and traffic in an instant, these free methods will just take a little bit of your time. I would like to point out to you that it is quite possible to generate affiliate earnings without having to pay for advertising.

It suffices for this to be constant and to implement different strategies that we will discuss in the next lines. I will only talk to you in the second part of the Adwords-type advertising management ebook if you still want to use paid advertising. This requires technical skills unlike what we will see now.

Submit Articles

Article submission is important because it allows you on the one hand to generate external links and on the other hand to promote your product. This is essential because most article directories and directories receive a large number of visitors on a daily basis. Your article, if optimized with the right keywords, will also rank well on search engines.

There are royalty free article sites that allow you to post articles on any topic to market yourself.

The concept is simple: you write a quality article by inserting in your signature, either the address of your site, or an affiliate link in correlation with the subject treated. This article will then be indexed in search engines and will self-promote.

Second very interesting point, people who are looking for free content for their site will be able to take your article and publish it on their blog, site or in sending emails as long as they keep your links intact without touching them. It's a viral process that can be very effective in sending you targeted and free traffic while boosting your credibility.

For this method to work, I suggest 2 things:

1. To write articles with the greatest care, whether in terms of the quality of the information or the spelling, syntax, grammar, etc.

2. That this article is really written by you, or at least that you manage to make it unique. Unique content ranks much better! Google doesn't like duplicate content and tends to penalize you for doing so. Finally, if the person notices that your article is taken up by dozens of blogs under different author names, there is little chance that you will leave them with a lasting memory.

Then it leads irremediably to the blog ...

Why you should create your Blog

Blogs are making a breakthrough on the Net. The reasons seem obvious. If we take Google's number one criterion, which is to favor sites with relevant content and published or updated regularly, a blog, by its ease of use, is therefore the ideal tool.

You install it, choose how it looks, and you're already ready to publish your first post. They are therefore highly appreciated by Google. Don't underestimate the power of writing. A person who would stick to writing for example 2 or 3 articles per week for 1 year, putting all the strategies explained in the first part of this ebook into action, would certainly achieve amazing results. We could easily count several thousand monthly visits to the blog, this number then varying according to the niche exploited. The advantage of this method is that it does not require any technical knowledge and that it is extremely easy to implement, even from scratch. A blog with quality content can very quickly climb in the search engines and gain notoriety in just 6 months or 1 year, with only XNUMX or XNUMX articles.

Personally, I'm all for automation because it gives you an edge over your competition and saves you a lot of time after setup. It will be very useful for you to do other things! Writing articles is one way to automate, because each one will remain on the web indefinitely with a cumulative effect. A single post can be read hundreds of times in a year, multiplied by all you write, I let you imagine what that can be! It will just take a little discipline and discipline. You will need to reserve a few time slots to be quiet and find inspiration once, twice, or three times a week. If you have children, I advise you to isolate yourself during the time you write.

The more you write, the easier it will be to write. Today, it takes me about an hour / an hour and a half to publish an article of 500 words on average, counting the time for proofreading and correction, whereas 2 or 3 years ago, it gave me easily took 3 hours. It's a gymnastics like any other, that of the fingers too… Because you end up typing on the keyboard much faster with practice. Don't waste too much time with the technical aspects. If you can't get your Wordpress blog up and running, for example, have someone else do it.

I recommend Wordpress and nothing else for its efficiency, power and ease of operation. Its fame is well established. As for its accommodation, I recommend the number 1 in Europe that you may know: 1and1, because it has the big advantage of being in French, unlike Godaddy. You can also opt for OVH.

I also suggest that you make a custom theme, in order to stand out.

Don't forget to add some pictures, just to bring some life and especially because search engines love it.

Web 2.0 traffic

 Use all the means at your disposal through web 2.0. These are social networks, social favorites, video and audio. The first advantage of these social exchange networks is that they propel you quite quickly in the search engines. Why ? Because each element that you publish will be accompanied by a link directed to your site and we know that in terms of indexing each external link pointing to your pages will improve your ranking. Others, like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. can be used to create a real network of exchange. Some of these sites allow you to create pages dedicated to your products, do not deprive yourself of it! You will thus be able to generate common areas of interest between Internet users. Inform yourself before using these tools, because their rules are quite strict! Don't register to promote yourself all over the place, first network, join other networks, then start talking about yourself and your products, but in a subtle and intelligent way.

Viral Marketing

Ebooks or mini reports

This is definitely my favorite method. Pick a product, test it, find more information, then create a mini report in ebook form that you can give to anyone who visits your site! Provide quality information to your subscribers! Take the time to report, even if it takes a little longer than expected. Here, the structure of the site (if you can call it a site) will be different, because you will first have to display a capture page, this famous page that will allow you to retrieve the emails of your visitors. This capture page, also called a squeeze page or landing page, can very well be hosted on the same domain as your blog. There is no need to create one specifically for this. You will need to test it and compare it with others to see which one works best. Do not assume anything, because very often our logic is found challenged and called into question by the results obtained. It happened to me to obtain 5 times more results with only one good teaser and a registration form, rather than with a pitch of 10 or 15 lines.

This explains...

Email capture is done on impulse. You lose the visitor's impulse if you make them read too much. Same risk with video. Everyone talks to you about the video as if it were the miracle solution! Only, I sometimes obtained less good results with the video than without. Quite simply because it depends on its relevance, its quality and even its length. If you tire your potential prospect with a video that's too long or not questioning enough, they'll close the page before it's finished.

There is no absolute method to making a good squeeze page, but try to keep it short and to the point. Also make sure that your registration form is immediately visible in the browser window when the page loads, without having to go down with the cursor. The visual of the gift you are giving is also very important. Take care of its appearance, because it is a way to seduce. Its title should be catchy and punchy enough to leave your visitor in no doubt as to the benefits they will derive from signing up.

You will need an auto-response service like Mailchimp in order to record the first name and email address of these people and send them back to you with automatic messages that you will have to configure.

You can do without an autoresponder, that's for sure and just have a blog, but you will lose 80% of your turnover, it would be a shame to do without ...

Once your visitors are registered on this capture page, redirect them to your product sales page, some people will definitely buy already at this point. During this time, your autoresponder will send them the first message including the download link for your mini report. If you choose to do this you can add links to your sales page in your report. Also specify in this report that anyone who has downloaded it can distribute it for free, provided they do not modify it. Another method, which for me is the one to remember is to simply direct them to a thank you page after registration. Page on which you specify that all the information will be sent to them by email or on which they can directly download the mini report. The following days, you will send them 4 or 5 emails of information on the subject in order to sensitize them. Only then will you send them your offer. Including an awareness phase usually works better, because you take the time to get in touch with your prospect and take care to give them useful information without rushing them with a commercial offer up front. This creates bonds of trust that will be very useful for you in the future. Viral marketing alone deserves a comprehensive guide, but you have the general principle. Be creative and please do nothing other than promote said product and your related site in your report, nothing more. To go further, you can offer your readers to personalize your mini report. Many people are looking for material to distribute for free.

Writing a book is not that easy and it takes a long time, I grant you that, especially if you want it to be of quality, that's why we find few people who take the time to write a good work.

But there is nothing impractical! It should be taken into account that the PDF edition does not cost anything, unlike the paper edition and that it is 10 times easier to distribute it.

Believe me, your efforts may be worth it. Take an hour of your time each day to write on a topic that you are passionate about and know well. Take pleasure in doing it, because without it, the task will seem heavy to you. Not everyone has thousands of dollars to invest in a project, but almost everyone can find a little time and motivation. If you really don't have the patience or the courage to start from a blank page, there are private labels that will give you material. If you don't know what that is, these are ready-made ebooks that you can edit and rewrite to do whatever you want. The text already exists, the layout is done, the cover, the squeeze page, the sales page and even the business reminders. You are the full author of the work and have practically all the rights if you personalize it enough.

The recommendations

Word of mouth, if used well, can be very powerful. On the Internet, it is also extremely easy and fast to convey information, and people have more confidence when the site has been recommended by a friend. Believe it or not, half of my registrations today come from the invitations that my subscribers sent to their friends.

Ask your prospects to help you. One day I emailed my subscribers just to help me spread the word about the site. In less than 24 hours, 400 recommendations had left, each containing 1 to 5 addresses. It's amazing how accommodating people can be and ready to help you just when you ASK them! 5 days later, nearly 1000 recommendations had been sent, and a few hundred more registrations had taken place on my site.

By offering a gift (an ebook seems appropriate to me), you will significantly increase the number of recommendations - easily 20 to 30%. Remember that on the internet, a recommendation system costs you neither money nor time! Just one small script can get you tens or hundreds of additional registrations per month! So why deprive yourself of it? Many private sales sites have used sponsorship to market themselves. If they use it, do you think it's by chance?

Link management

Affiliation is above all about links, but links that will have to be managed! Especially if you have a lot of programs to juggle with. You are not affected if you are affiliated with 2 or 3 products and you exclusively promote them on your blog. But it starts to get complicated really quickly when you get to 10 - 20 different links, what's more if you plan to include them in your emails, in ebooks, in articles published here and there.

You will therefore have to become a master in the art of managing your links, and believe me it will not be a luxury, you will understand why in a moment. You have to understand how the affiliation technically works. I suggest you go back to the beginning of the ebook to reread the definition and then I will try to go a little further.

How do we know that it was you who sent the client?

We know this thanks to a cookie.

A cookie (apart from those we eat) is a small piece of information that remains on the person's computer that you send through your affiliate link. It is this cookie that will tell the seller that you sent him this customer.

But then you will understand: no cookie = no commission

How to avoid this?

There are several things that can prevent the cookie from being deposited on the potential customer's machine:

1 - The person sees that it is an affiliate link and they do not support the idea that you can collect a commission thanks to it:

it will avoid going through your link and go directly to the seller's site through the root address so that you do not earn money. Example: Your affiliate link is in the form:

The person will see your link and will easily see that it is an affiliate link, so they will not click on it and simply note the root address of the site:

I'm not telling you that this happens systematically of course, only if you run into a person of bad faith. But without falling into paranoia, it's best to hide your link by making a redirect.

Redirection has 2 advantages:

1. It masks your link.

2. It allows you to control the destination at any time and to be able to modify it.


Cloaking scripts

To overcome this problem, there are therefore scripts that can cloack your links to ensure your 100% commission. These scripts have all the advantages to manage all of your affiliations:

1. They hide your link with your domain name.

2. They allow changing the landing page at any time.

3. They cloak the link to ensure your commission.

4. They can also redirect to a landing page of your choice while dropping the cookie (ideal if you want to redirect a visitor to a sales page instead of sending them to the seller's squeeze page).

5. They give you statistics.

I recommend against classic url shorteners like tinyurl, for the following reasons:

1. They are not pretty. (Do you want to click links like http // / Hg56r28ui?)

2. They spend more and more in spam boxes because they are used too much by everyone. Result> You lose sales. A good portion of your subscribers no longer even receive your emails.

3. They carry a risk (and not the least): If ever the service closes or gets blacklisted, all your links will be dead and useless and your business will be paralyzed overnight!

4. They advertise the service you are using.

Result> The integration of your links in search engines does not bring you any notoriety

5. They do not support double redirection. You cannot redirect the visitor to the page of your choice. If you want for example to bring your prospect on a squeeze page or on the contrary on the sales page of the affiliate product: it is impossible.

As you have seen, when you become a super affiliate, you have to plan everything! And when I say plan for everything, it's not totally true, because there are always things you don't think about. Now you are free to adopt these scripts or not. I am absolutely not saying that this is vital to you, only very useful.

Hard links

However, there is a very simple solution which certainly will not present as many advantages but which will remain very reliable for your masking and redirection. What I call hard link redirection. It does not cost anything and it is the most reliable that I know: In your hosting account, you will create subdomains that you will redirect to your affiliate links. These are hard links that you can change at will and will give you a redirect that will never budge, unless you choose to. Example at 1 & 1

You won't have stats, double redirects, or cloaking, but they will do their basic redirect job perfectly and without any risk. A script can still fail due to a virus or bug, but not a redirect from a subdomain. If you are using a script, you will have to remember to make backups of your database regularly, otherwise, in case of loss of your links, you are ruined! Your business will be frozen and you will have to recreate your links one by one with the same original address, if you are able to do so. The hard link does not cost anything because in general, hosting offers offer on average the creation of 1000 subdomains according to the formula you have chosen. This can go up to 5000 or even more. Each time you join a new affiliate program, get into the habit of creating a redirect link for all the benefits we have just seen, but also to remain in control at all times of the destinations of your links. Imagine you are editing an ebook. Once it is uploaded to the Internet, it will be able to download for years and if inside of it there are links that no longer work because a business has closed, or changed its links. of affiliation in the meantime or if you wish to direct the link elsewhere, that will be impossible for you ... Unless you have taken care to create redirect links, in this case, you will control all of your links.

Remember, if you want to become a great affiliate, you will also have to become a great link manager in order to find your way there.

Cookie stories

As you will understand by now, affiliation is all about cookies.

If you looked on the computer of the person who clicked on your affiliate link, in the "preferences" menu of their browser (for firefox), then in "privacy" "display cookies" you could see that your cookie has been placed. .

These cookies are small pieces of information that are essential for the proper functioning of the basket of an ecommerce site for example, or the duration of sessions. We are forced to accept them if we want to use the Internet more or less normally.

The content provides information on the identifier of the referrer (you), and very important, we give you the expiration date of it!

At, a cookie (for affiliate links) lasts 3650 days, or 10 years! That is, you will be commissioned if the person places an order for the next 10 years from the time you clicked on your link. For information, the average lifespan of an affiliate cookie is usually between 30 and 180 days, which means that we are much more generous than elsewhere ...

In the meantime, you will understand, the person will have to avoid cleaning their cookies or changing computers! Otherwise you will have nothing… This is why it is always good to raise! Because each time you restart, you reset the duration of the cookie and if it has erased it in the meantime, you re-deposit it.



At times you may seem overwhelmed by the amount of information to digest and the number of tasks to accomplish. Rest assured ! I've been there before you, and others too. It is normal to feel a little overwhelmed at first. This feeling will start to fade as you take action. In fact, it should be simplified! Everything should be clear in your mind. If you complicate unnecessarily, you will have a hard time getting there.

Start by being an Affiliate first before you become a Super Affiliate.

1 - Find a product that you like, that works, that you bought, that convinced you and from which you yourself have benefited.

2 - Do research work around the theme you are developing in order to become an expert in the field (when I say expert, know that we are talking about the long term). Let's say you will be even better in 1 year!

3 - Write articles regularly on the subject of this product and post them on royalty free articles sites. At best, blog about this topic and post one article per week written by yourself.

4 - Insert your affiliate links in your articles or somewhere on your blog. Use a good teaser to get your visitors to click on it.

5 - Use an auto-response service like Mailchimp to be able to subscribe your visitors and be able to send them messages and encourage them to buy an affiliate product. Keep in touch with them!

That's it that's all ! if you follow these 5 steps to the letter, you are applying the Pareto law we were talking about at the beginning of this ebook. This basic job shouldn't take you more than 4-6 hours per week. I'm not saying this is the only valid method, but it works. Your success will then depend on the niche and the product you have chosen, but above all on the quality and regularity of your work.

Tell yourself that you don't have to worry about product design or after-sales service.

This then frees you up time to do a lot of communication work around the subject. It is then that you will refine to go further and that you can use all the information in this article.

By then, you will certainly have started getting traffic to your site and certainly made your first sales as well. Even if initially, it is only 2 or 3 sales per month, it will already be a great start!

Knowing how to save time and get to the point


The main purpose of the affiliation is to save time and to simplify. There is always room to further automate and delegate, to eliminate anything that isn't necessary and focus only on the part that's rightfully yours. Choose your angle of attack and focus on your strategy which can be writing articles, or writing an ebook, or even using Adwords, etc. You have to find your favorite talent, or at least put the focus where you feel most comfortable. If, for example, Adwords seems like a gas factory to you and you have tried several times to use it without success, drop it or ask someone to do it for you. This favorite field must come naturally, you must feel inside you if you are more of a technician, or a copywriter for example. And get rid of your head that you have to be good everywhere, it's just impossible!

The difficulty will be knowing how to distinguish between what will really serve you in the long term and what will only distract you by wasting your energy.

If you've chosen affiliation, specialize in that, at least until you've got the hang of it (assuming that's possible). Study, invent, innovate in this sector. There is still a lot to discover!

Get off the beaten track

What worked years ago in affiliation works much the same way today. However, there is one very important factor to take into consideration: the competition has increased.

Does this mean that it is more difficult to find your place?

Not necessarily… Because many were content to follow what they had been taught without trying to innovate. Many have made do with "easy money" by staying in the marketing niche. But it's not just marketing!

The danger is the lack of imagination.

You absolutely have to put yourself on the sidelines if you want to derive long-lasting passive income.

So it is up to you to create your luck, because if you have knowledge in a particular field, that knowledge is yours, it is your treasure. You certainly don't realize that you have gold in your hands ...

You don't have to write an ebook, but you can post articles on your blog if you have enough material on a focused topic or participate in forums genuinely helping people. You will stand out from the crowd if you are persistent and serious. There are lots of ideas to exploit that can come naturally. The main obstacle is knowing how to properly assess one's area of ​​knowledge. Very often, everyday life and habits blind us and we end up not realizing our own skills or even our own value. Tell yourself that what is your daily bread can be a real mystery to your neighbor. Knowing how to pass on your knowledge. Many people have knowledge, but it is still necessary to know how to pass it on. I believe that the simple fact of having a real desire is enough to find the means to make it happen.

Find the right keywords

 Effective keyword research is the foundation of any successful online marketing campaign. All internet sales start with a keyword, but not all are created equal since those words cannot describe all of a person's intentions. I will explain how to get your keywords for search engine optimization in order to attract all that free traffic to your site. In addition, I will explain how to do keyword research if you want to set up a Google Ads campaign.

Keyword research for search engines

Here is the method I personally use to get my keywords. It may seem confusing at first, but afterwards you will see that it is very simple. To do this, simply go to this address:

It is the Google AdWords keyword generator that will allow you to know precisely which ones get the most traffic. Then enter your main keyword, for the example I just used "guitar lessons". This tool will generate you a list of words assimilated to Internet user searches.

Google gives you the monthly search volume which is a good indication. For example, “beginner guitar lessons” is searched about 2 times each month.

By clicking on "Global monthly search volume", you will be able to rank the keywords either from most searched to least searched or vice versa. That is, you can target words with high demand, but where the competition will be much more important, or select those that are less sought after, but for which there is little or no competition.

By choosing the second option, I found several interesting keywords to exploit if I want to promote a product (ebook, software, video) concerning the guitar:

• Interactive guitar lessons

• Guitar lessons software

• Individual guitar lessons

• Guitar lessons on DVD

• Guitar lessons book

Go to the end of each section and click “Add All”, which will allow you to export them later.

Do a Google search to find competitors who are paying for AdWords ads. We do this to build a more detailed list of keywords to use. So I simply indicated "guitar lessons".

I will then copy the addresses of the sites and add them to the Google AdWords tool to see if the sites are optimized for these keywords.

Do this for every URL you find pertaining to “guitar lessons” so that you can build a nice keyword list focused around learning guitar (in our example). Then export them to a text file:

PPC Campaigns

Keyword research is at the heart of all PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaigns no matter what you want to market on the Internet. It is very important to target the right keywords, the ones that will help you better convert visitors to buyers. Keyword research used to be a time consuming task, but with the development of technology it is no longer the case. Before choosing them, it is very important to define your budget. Not all the people who launch their campaigns have the same budgets. Large businesses can afford to spend thousands of dollars a day managing their ads. It is essential to carefully monitor your ads to ensure that they are working properly. If you work alone, you are probably managing all of your campaigns. It can take a long time to monitor your campaigns, but it's inevitable in order to avoid wasting money.

When choosing keywords, you need to rule out general and common terms. These words are often too vague and will not allow you to target your ads well.

If you sell garden furniture for example, you might want to use generic words like:

• Garden furniture

• Outdoor furniture

However, it is not a good idea to use these terms as there will be a lot of competition and the price per click will certainly be higher.

There are also other problems associated with choosing general keywords: they attract many more clicks and visits than normal.

There are also other problems associated with choosing general keywords: they attract many more clicks and visits than normal.

In the end, you'll get a lot of traffic, you'll spend a lot of money, but hardly any sales.

This is why it is more interesting to target people who know exactly what they are looking for.

If we take our example, a person who wants to buy a teak table, will not enter in his search engine "garden furniture", but rather: "buy teak table". The person already knows exactly what they want to buy and when they arrive at your site, they will find your teak garden table. You thus considerably increase the conversion rate of your visitors into buyers.

The important thing to remember for now is that it is important to choose specific keywords and not common keywords in your market.

TIP: If you are selling something, include the word “buy” in your keyword phrase, like in our example.

Competitive intelligence

If you want to use a shortcut to building profitable campaigns quickly, you can observe your competition and be inspired by techniques that no doubt make them money, especially if they've been running their ads for a while.

With the advancement of technology, this method is getting easier and easier. Finding the keywords that convert and getting the best ad can be a long and arduous task, plus it can be very expensive. By observing how your competitors operate, you can save several hundred or even several thousand euros and you will also avoid months of testing.

How to quickly find a domain name

 Choosing a domain name is very important since you want it to help you attract people to your site instead of going to your competitor's sites. You must therefore choose a domain name that relates to the keywords you are targeting. Here is the method to easily find your domain names containing the keywords

Step 1: Build your keyword list

You can reuse the Google Ads keyword generator:

I'll take another niche example which will be weight loss:

 Go to the end of each section and click “Add All”, which will allow you to export them later.

I then save the keyword list to a text file:

Step 2: Register your domain name

You must now check the availability of your domain name and reserve it, for this example I chose to use Godaddy, but you can opt for any other host, in particular 1and1 or OVH for example.

Click on "Search for a domain name" or something like that (the text may vary depending on the host).

All you have to do is paste the keywords, then select the extensions you want (.com, .info, .biz, etc.) and click on "Search".

Note that all accents must be replaced, as domain names can only contain alphanumeric characters. The spaces will be removed. Consider replacing them with hyphens if you want your URL to be readable, for example:



The second address is more readable. It seems that the dashes have no influence on the SEO of your URL, do not deprive yourself of it, especially if your domain name should be so long. Only domain names that remain displayed in your search frame are available.

To conclude

This is a relatively simple method of quickly obtaining a list of domain names available on the market. To check that the domain name is available, all you have to do is copy and paste it and enter it in the search bar of the host.

A message will confirm the availability of the domain name, all you have to do is confirm your order.

Important note. I am often asked the following question regarding domain names: Do I need more than one domain name or can I publish everything on the same domain name?

When we know the importance of the choice of the domain, by using the right keywords, compared to the referencing of your site, I believe that we should especially not deprive oneself. Especially since some then ruin themselves in SEO to position their site well ...

The art of pre-selling a product

 The purpose of the presale is to get the visitor to say to himself:

“I want this product… now! How can I get it? "

If you send visitors directly to the sales page of the product you are promoting, 95% of people will leave without purchasing the product (this can be a lot more). Presenting the product helps differentiate potential buyers from simple visitors.

Successful presale sites have four things in common:

• The site clearly presents and recommends the product.

• The author connects with his readers and focuses on their need and shows them that this product is the solution.

• It adds value to the product (bonus).

• It creates urgency.

Here's what you should try to achieve when building your presale site:

• You can tap into an existing demand, want, urge, need (a great selling point) that is tied to the market.

• You must create a buying atmosphere by highlighting the benefits of the product and the results that can be achieved.

• You must submit a unique offer. For this, I advise you to add bonuses related to the product you are promoting.

Here are now two methods that you can implement.

Presale Method # 1 

Talk about the problem, then offer a solution (the product)!

To introduce the problem, which is usually related to all people, you can talk about your personal experience. This will allow them to identify with you.

You have to accentuate the problem well so that your readers will say to themselves "this is exactly the situation I am in and it is not obvious." "

Then just present the solution to the problem. If you've applied the tips in the product and got good results, put them forward. If not, try to get testimonials from your previous clients.

If people realize that this product has the solutions to their different needs, they will become more and more interested in this one. All you have to do is redirect people to the product's sales page.

Presale Method # 2

Highlight product flaws, then add a bonus to remedy the problem

A little more subtle method, but more risky if it is misused.

Initially, it is the same as the first method: presentation, problem, solution, result ...

The difference is that you are going to describe the defects in the product, explaining that these defects can be detrimental to the person.

Then all you have to do is present your bonuses which bypass these flaws and which allow people to have all the information to be successful (you can play on the exclusive side of bonuses).

Setting up your landing pages

 Your landing page is one of the essential elements in setting up a profitable advertising campaign. This is the page people come to when they click on your ad.

Since Google revised the rules for its AdWords tool, many campaigns have been shelved.

Google was removing the ads because they no longer met the criteria. I know many people who have lost campaigns that allowed them to earn over $ 100 per day.

In this chapter, you will discover the different ways to fight against tougher rules, but also how to reduce the cost of the click.

The basics of a landing page

Your cost per click and the conversion rate of visits to sales will largely depend on the quality of your website. It is very important to ensure the best possible quality, in short, your site must appear "professional".

There are several very important pages to publish:

• Your name and contact information

• Privacy Policy

• Terms and conditions

• Warning

• Contact page

• Other information

It all depends of course if you are an individual or a professional.

I am often surprised, even today, to find sites where even the name of the owner is not mentioned. I must admit that I find this worrying, it causes even more mistrust.

Even for a company, I always enjoy it when the team is introduced, don't you?

Do not hesitate to display your name, add a photo, show yourself so that your visitors can identify with you even more!

You also need to give them ways to contact you easily. The minimum is to offer an email address, customer support is an undeniable advantage. Why not give them a phone number? You can very easily create a special line using Skype or the On / Off app for a few euros per month. Also provide your business information. 

Today, with the status of auto-entrepreneur, no matter how private you are and no matter how much income you earn from your activity, you must be registered and declare your income (check with your CCI or URSSAF). You will be assigned a SIREN number, post it on your site to inform your visitors that your activity is official and declared!

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use.

People don't like writing these two pages. They think no one will read them.

Your visitors may not take the time to read them in their entirety, but many will check their presence and be reassured to find them.

What is a privacy policy?

A confidentiality policy explains how your company will collect, use and store your customers' personal information (first name and email or even telephone number, home address). People are very protective of their personal information, especially these days, and will need to be confident that you will put it to good use.

Make sure you let them know that you will not be giving this private data to third-party companies and will only use it for your own business. You don't have to make big promises, but make a commitment to ensuring that their privacy is respected.

What are the terms of use?

This is where you will explain the general rules of your site. It can be related to management, financial aspects, etc. This allows readers to know their rights and responsibilities, but also your commitments, responsibilities or to free you from certain points.

If you are only affiliating and not selling products directly. The conditions of sale are not necessary, since you are not the seller.

Think about all the questions a visitor might ask. Some sites formulate these terms and conditions in the form of "frequently asked questions (FAQ)", it is also a good idea.

The privacy policy and terms of use are two documents intended to reassure your visitors. It is important to carefully review the examples of current privacy policies.

How can you use the privacy policy to your advantage?

You need to show your visitors what personal information you collect and why you need that information. Don't ask for information you don't need, otherwise it will make people suspicious and discourage them from completing your form.

Also tell your visitors how their information will be stored and how you will use it and for what purposes.

You need to make it easy for the visitor to edit and delete information so it will improve the credibility of your site (see GDPR).

Where to add these pages?

The best place, usually the most used, is at the bottom of the page, but you can also add them at the end of your side menu.

IMPORTANT : Always inform your subscribers of any changes to these pages.

Make your site eye-catching

You need to make your landing page eye-catching to keep your visitors on your site a little longer so that they decide to buy the product that you are promoting. To achieve this goal, just add quality content whether in the form of video, articles, podcast (audio), etc.


Video is THE PRESENT, not the future. The number of people watching videos online is growing every day. We have all heard of YouTube and the number of visitors it receives every day is staggering.

Now it's your turn to use the video to your advantage.

Video creation is not as difficult as you might think. In less than an hour, you can create one and add it to YouTube or another site.

To create a simple video you can use the editing software built into Windows (Photos> Video editor)? or other small software that can be downloaded for free.

The quality of your content

Content is king in the eyes of Google and its robots are able to determine whether a site is worthy of visits or not. 

Adding useful content for the visitor is essential as is optimizing your site in order to obtain the best positioning.

You just need to know what kind of information your potential customers are looking for. You can visit blogs, forums in your niche, or look at your competitor's sites for ideas. When you have gathered some information that you might find interesting to use, write a few articles or hire someone to do it for you.

The quality level of your AdWords ads

This is something that Google introduced some time ago in order to eliminate all sites that did not meet their qualitative expectations. If you want the lowest possible cost per click, your site should at least have:

• 3 quality items at least

• Privacy pages, terms & conditions

• Links to other useful information

The main idea, which should always be remembered when creating your landing page, is that Google absolutely wants its users to find relevant content in the results pages. By creating a quality landing page or website, you will be rewarded with reduced cost per click for your campaigns in addition to good positioning.

The other part of lowering the price is making sure your landing page has the targeted keywords in your ad.

Only put in your pages the necessary and relevant keywords.

Tips & Tricks for AdWords

Important parameters of your AdWords campaign

There are some settings that are selected by default. You will need to change these options in order to maximize the results of your campaigns. The first thing to do is to go to the "settings" section of the campaign and change the following settings.

# 1: Change the way your ads are displayed in order to display them at regular intervals. The reason you should choose this option is that you will be able to display your ad throughout the day.

# 2: Change the rotation of your ads so that they display more fairly. It is important to modify this option in order to know which ad performs the best. If you let Google decide for you, you'll never determine which ads perform best, and you won't be able to increase your profits. You will have understood that it is also important to create several ads for your campaigns.

Now that you've made those two changes, we can move on to building an effective Google Ads campaign.

Your ad

Just because you've built your keyword list and landing page doesn't mean you've won the battle.

In fact, you still have a lot of work to do.

Now is the time to create your ad. You have to be very careful to make sure that you create a quality ad that will encourage people to click through to visit your site.

Use your competitor's ads successfully

It's always a good idea to take inspiration from what is already working, there is no point in reinventing the wheel. Find experts in your market and use their ads as templates for your own ads.

Do a Google search for the keywords you are targeting and select the ads you like or think your potential customers will click. After doing this job, you will get a file with lots of impactful and effective models.

Words to use in your ad

Use keywords.

If you want to create a campaign that works, there are some very important things to consider. We've already looked at how to find keywords to use in your AdWords ads.

The placement of these keywords is the most important element in making your ad successful. You need to properly fill your texts with words that appeal to your readers. Remember, the more interesting your ad, the more likely you are to attract new visitors.

For optimal effectiveness, these words must be present in the title and in the content of the ad. This will ensure that it catches the eye of viewers, because, as you can see in the examples above, keywords related to the viewer's search are bolded in your ad.

Keywords that hook the reader

Every potential customer is a human being, which is good for you because humans have emotions. If you can learn how to grab your reader's attention, you will greatly improve your chances of success.

But how can you get what you want from your readers?

Emotions are very important in advertising, but have you ever wondered why? In fact, emotions are very powerful and they can affect our behavior, they can be triggers of bodily or mental changes able to influence our decisions. It is possible for you to use these emotions to reach someone and convince them of their need to buy your product.

Most advertisers on AdWords use emotions to try to encourage people to click on their ads. Without a call to action, there would be no point in having an ad. Emotions are one of the best ways to encourage someone to buy your product now!

There are many emotions that can be used and this includes shame, guilt, love, distress, surprise, sadness, happiness, depression, frustration, embarrassment, horror, etc.

The structure of your ad

Here are the rules to follow when creating an ad for Google Ads (formerly AdWords).


The first rule to remember is that your ad must respond to research carried out by an Internet user. This is a rule from which a higher conversion rate will result. By relevance, I mean your ad should give people exactly what they're looking for.

The title of your ad

The second factor that will influence the click rate for an ad is knowing how to create a catchy headline. The more the title stands out, the more you increase the chances of reading your ad and therefore the click-through rate.

Your starting point for an effective headline is to take the dominant keyword in your ad group, that is, the one that will attract high quality traffic, and include it in the headline.

For example:

• Do you want to burn DVDs?

• Hotels in New York

Your main goal is to get the person's attention. If you can't do it right, you'll have lost before you even start. Your ability to grab attention is based solely on the title, as said before, don't try to reinvent the wheel, use the catchphrases and designs that are proven to work.

Here are various tips for writing a good teaser:

You can ask a question. We will take the example of a person who targets the market of "making money on the Internet". She may ask the question "Would you like to win $ 100 in less than an hour?" "

You can give the results generated by the product. You are promoting the product for weight loss and on the sales page someone explains that they managed to lose 10 pounds in two months. You can, for example, write "How to lose 10 pounds in less than two months - the solution!" "

You can simply add the search for the user in the title. If a person wants to quit smoking, they will Google "how to quit smoking". You just need to put the title “quit smoking” or “how to quit smoking”. In the example below, the second ad gets more attention because the keywords are bold:

Here are some sample sentences for your ads:

" How? 'Or' What _____________________ "

"Secrets of _________________ Finally Revealed!" "

"Warning: Don't even think about ___________ until you__________. "

"Who else wants _____________________"

"Now you can have / do [desirable outcome or circumstance]"

"They laughed when I ______________, But when I ______________"

"Give me [short period of time] and I will give you [desired outcome]"

"The easy way [market person] to [desired outcome]"

"See how easily you can [desirable suite]"

"You don't have to be [stimulating something] for [desired outcome]"

The body of your ad

The body of the ad refers to text other than the title and link. Although it is not as important as the title, you will need to take the time to test this part. It would be a shame to have a punchy title with unattractive content. In general, the body of your ad highlights an advantage of the product you are promoting: ease of use as much as possible, original advice, quick results, etc.

Some more tips for writing your ads and landing pages

 It can be difficult to write a good quality ad that immediately turns readers into visitors and then into customers, but there is nothing impossible.

It is even possible for beginners to write impeccable ads if they take the time to use the right tools and learn the right techniques.

Like everything else, only practice can approach perfection. To try and achieve this goal, you can use these simple tips to make sure you're on the right track.

Quality announcements - try to use short, punchy sentences that get straight to the point. Also avoid making any mistakes of any kind, including spelling mistakes. Take advantage of your spell checker and have your grammar checked.

Avoid the hype - try to avoid creating hype to promote a product. Make sure you focus on the benefits of the product or service. The hype can encourage people to click on the links, but if they realize it's all “hot air”, they will leave your site and you will wait a bit longer to earn your first commissions.

Display the reasons why people should buy - If you don't clearly list the benefits of the product, people will never get to know them. Knowing that they will give more importance to your words than to those of the salesperson, put your weight in the balance. This will help bring skeptics to your side, but make sure you don't overdo it by “flattering” the product. Be realistic in your descriptions and also cite weak points to be believable. People tend to be wary of what sounds too good to be true.

In your ad, you can use terms like:

• Easy

• Fast

• Advantageous

• Free

• Serious

• New

Add Bonuses - This is a great way to increase your conversion rate and differentiate yourself from other affiliates. There are many products available on the Internet that you can give as bonuses to your customers.

If you offer a bonus, do not forget to indicate it on your ad by putting:

•… + 3 Free Bonuses

•… + 3 Gifts


You are now armed to make your project a reality. Affiliation is not complicated, but know how to use it to stand out from the crowd and create long-term income.

Membership is a boon for those who know how to take advantage of it. It is possible for the first time in history to automate your income almost 100%.

To make a difference and position yourself as an expert, you must come across as someone who knows their subject inside out, who has tested the product or service, so that you can present it as if it were your own.

Membership requires a minimum of effort and investment. You just need to spend some time looking for interesting products, studying them, and then recommending them. It does not require any particular commitment and does not present any risk.

You will understand, you just need to generate traffic to your pages. If everything is well optimized, the money should come in and if you manage to earn 10 €, you will also manage to earn 100, then 2000, then 4000 and so on. It's up to you to blow the limits!

You will understand, you just need to generate traffic to your pages. If everything is well optimized, the money should come in and if you manage to earn 10 €, you will also manage to earn 100, then 2000, then 4000 and so on. It's up to you to blow the limits!

Use all the means available to you in terms of traffic creation, anything that is free is good to take and will be all the more profitable for you!

Now it's time to take action!

Good luck and good sales!

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