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Make money on the internet just by telling your friends about our kitchen utensils?

If you are looking for additional income or if you want to develop a real salary on the internet then you have come to the right place!

In everyday life it happens very often, without necessarily paying attention, to promote a product or a store to a friend, a colleague, a member of the family etc ... 'a discussion.

If if you think about it, this has necessarily happened to you!

Small example :

Caller : "very practical this spout, Where did you find that ?"

Looking : (very proud!) "you saw that a bit, it's cool eh?! (you even hesitate to tell him because you want to keep this little secret for yourself, but as you like this person, you finally let him go info!). I found it on the internet, on the website"

Here you have just made the promotion (free!) For our site

Your friend will also order this spout on our site and .... that's it! Thanks for talking about us :-)

Now how about if we offered to have this conversation:

Caller "super practical ce spout, Where did you find that ?"

Looking : (proud!) "you saw that a little it is cool eh ?! (And there strangely you will not hesitate a second to give him the info ...). I found this on the internet, on the site, if you want I send you the link to order and in addition I can give you a 15% reduction voucher ".

There your interlocutor will be even more motivated to buy this utensil!

And what you did not tell him (but nothing prevents you from doing it) is that you will earn money thanks to his order, we call that an affiliate commission!

This is what we call the 3G method : Winner - Winner - Winner!

You are a winner because you will earn money just by sending an (affiliate) link to your friend, your friend is a winner because he will be able to buy this great kitchen utensil 15% cheaper, and we are a winner since we have got a new customer.

You have just understood what Affiliation is !

Become an Ambassador of our store it is simply recommending our utensils or our shop in general to those around you (we recommend that you promote one specific product at a time, it is more effective).

So how do you go about earning a lot of commissions? 

It's up to you to show your imagination! The ancestral method of word of mouth (as in our example) is still very efficient.

But now we have technological means that can exponentially develop your affiliate marketing strategy.

Once you have created your accountAffiliate and that you will have recovered the promo code to communicate to your contacts and your affiliate link (either for a specific product, for a collection, or for the site in general), you can already take your smartphone and send a short text to all your contacts!

On another day you can do the same via Whatsapp, Messenger etc ...

Little advice : do not implement all your actions at once, it is better to do a little bit each day and be regular.

Then create posts on your account Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, 

Twitter, SnapChat, TikTok etc ...

Also share in Story!

On Facebook if for example you want to promote a Snowman-shaped tea strainer filter you can also join groups talking about tea breaks, winter, cooking etc, you will be able to share your links to a qualified audience. Don't try to make a commercial copy, better if it looks natural.

Example : "Hello everyone, I want to buy this little tea filter, personally I find it super cute, what do you think?" And you put your affiliate link which redirects to the product sheet in question of course.

Or "hi everyone, for those who are interested I found a 15% reduction code for this cute tea filter, I put the link for you".

Create a Blog on a theme very precise.

For example, create a Cooking Blog where you can share recipes, and from time to time drag affiliate links to our one of our collections, or to the product sheet of a utensil that must be used to make the recipe in question.

The advantage of the Blog (compared to social networks) is that your articles (and therefore your links) will remain "for life" on the internet, and even 2 years later Google will be able to send an Internet user to your article. 

It is good to do both (social media and Blog), just be aware that your work on social networks is work for a short term effect (but with a bigger immediate impact at the audience level), and that your work on a Blog is more of an "investment" in the medium and long term. 

Finally, a well-made Blog can become a slot machine without doing anything in the long run and become a source of passive income (you can earn money even several months after writing an article!).

The other distribution channel that should not be overlooked is obviously video! So just like a Blog, create a Vlog ! 

Create a Youtube channel, also post on TikTok etc ...

Finally another way to reach people, and for free:sending emails.

Start by sending emails to your contacts, but don't send to people who don't know you and who haven't asked to receive emails. 

In this case set up on your Blog a Newsletter subscription system respecting the GDPR. So once people are registered voluntarily, you can send them nice emails with your links and your discount code.

You will understand that there are many ways to make affiliation, you just need to show imagination, work and perseverance.

Obviously it is your investment and your work that will determine your level of remuneration. Obviously if you just do a little post on Facebook once you risk being disappointed ...

Also remember to leave messages on Forums, or in comments of Youtube videos.

Go one last little Tips for the road: Write and publish e-books !

An ebook on a specific theme in which again you can insert your affiliate links. A gluten-free recipe book, dessert recipes, regional dishes etc ... there is so much to do in the kitchen!

For example, you could write a book on "Creative Cakes or 10 birthday cake ideas".

So among your tips and recipes you could recommend our Unicorn cookie cutter set, present our rolling pin with patterns, or talk about the need to use pastry bags to successfully decorate your cake ...

It's up to you to find inspiration, and if it doesn't come remember that Google is your best friend!  

Now that you have written your book you have two solutions:

1) offer it for free on your Blog, your Youtube channel etc ... by creating a small "landing page", that is to say just a small page with a registration form in which the person will have to enter their email (to receive her ebook), possibly her first name and above all must check that she agrees to receive emails from you. You will thus be able to enrich your database of prospects and then send them your emails which we mentioned above.

2) offer it for sale on your site, your blog, on Amazon KDP, on different Marketplaces, in groups etc. affiliation.

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