Whisk for cooking and baking

In order to homogenize and mix all your liquid culinary preparations, the whip cooking turns out to be essential. In bakery, pastry or in the kitchen, it will be useful for developing your recipes. With this utensil you can emulsify, beat, mix and air your sauces and creams.


Practical and playful at the same time, this magic kitchen whisk multifunctional in silicone is the accessory to have in your cupboards. In addition to being used to mix your preparations or to whip up your egg whites to stiff peaks, it can also be used as scraper pan and / or egg shovel. Also note that the silicone heat resistant, which gives it a little extra. 


Utensil of Food must, the whisk mixer stainless steel available on Outilsdecuisine.com will help you to emulsify, mix and whip your recipes. baking and cooking. Its wrist ensures you an easy grip. In steel, your tool versatile kitchen will not rust. 

Whether you are a professional or just a food lover, you will find whips of kitchen as well as other utensils on kitchenware.com!