Céline has tested for you the silicone plate Smiley for baby

baby plate silicone plate smiley plate partner test

Blogger Céline (celeriac delicacies) tested the silicone plate in the shape of Smiley to eat baby :-)

silicone smiley baby plate

Hello my little greedy, today no recipe but I had the opportunity to test the Smiley plate of the site Outilsdecuisine.com. Toolsdecuisine.com is a website selling practical and innovative kitchen tools. They allowed me to choose an article from a selection, and I chose to tell you about this plate. My niece is delighted because she is going to enjoy it.

This plate / tray will allow your baby to eat at his own pace and have all his meal.

These different compartments will allow you to organize a well balanced diet for your child, without mixing everything.

The shape in Smiley will entertain your child and make him want to eat his meal.

The Smiley plate is made of silicone so it is unbreakable and slip resistant. It can be machine washed, which is great when you have the chance to own one.

This plate exists in several colors very playful: blue, sky blue, green, orange, purple, red and pink. It's the latter that I received.

silicone baby plate smiley shape

This article is a must for parents, it is easily transportable and can also serve you for walks or holidays!

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