Aurélie is delighted with her fruit infuser!

fruit infuser gourd The Douche d'Orély partner partnership test

Aurélie, partner of our site tests for several days the Gourde with fruit infuser and obviously it pleases him!

After trying the apples, then nectarines, and finally Kiwis, she recently tested with her orange peelings, nothing is lost!

And every time the test is conclusive, she loves :-)

For my part I was happy to have my bottle during these hot days because I infused mint leaves (cut in the morning to fresh in my garden!), All in the fridge for a refreshing drink and 100% natural.

Fruit infuser with apples Fruit infuser with nectarines

Fruit infuser with kiwi fruit Fruit infuser gourd with orange peelings

Find the details of Aurélie's tests and reactions on his Facebook page: The Douche d'Orély.

And if you read his posts well, you will see that it offers a code of 30% discount on this article, valid until 30 June 2017! ;-)

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    great presentation of fruit drinks, CA REALLY WANTS to do the same and feast !!!!!

  • flattered on

    Too good fishing can be kiss

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