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The name may not tell you anything yet you certainly get on your phone or computer ...
The Push Notification is a small message that appears on your smartphone screen or your pc to tell you about a novelty, an offer, a tip etc ...
Our site Outilsdecuisine.com does not deviate to the rule and also offers to sign up for its notifications ;-)
For that nothing more simple, whether on your smartphone or your computer (or tablet), simply go to our website www.outilsdecuisine.com (refresh if you're already there), and click on "Allow "when a message will ask you if you want to accept notifications.
If this request does not appear, it is likely that your browser is configured to refuse notifications in general, in this case go to the settings to enable this option. If you do not know how to ask a friend, a teenager, or just Google our best friend when needed!
Enjoy a discount code of 15% when you sign up for the ToolsDecuisine Push Notifications!

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