What you need to know about Cyber ​​Monday (or Cyber ​​Monday)

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"But what is the Cyber ​​Monday? ".

It's a day of sales popularized in recent years with the advent of online business.

These are promotions online the Monday following Thanksgiving American. The tradition of Cyber ​​Monday did not appear until 2005, when the ­e-commerce was just beginning to emerge. It's kind of like the online version of Black Friday !

Le Cyber ​​Monday in numbers

American traders managed to achieve resounding sales on this day. Over US $ 6 billion was spent in 2017 in the United States. One in four Americans, or 81 million Americans, shopped online on Cyber ​​Monday.

The most popular items were clothing, electronics, gift cards and toys.

However, the site that has surpassed all the others is none other than Amazon which was able to collect 8 million transactions last year. In Canada, other companies such as Walmart, Costco et Wholesale Office have also been successful. In addition to promotions on physical goods, you can take advantage of numerous discounts on trips!

Unlike Black Friday, promotions are online. There is therefore no absenteeism at work, except that employees surf the web looking for good deals when they are supposed to be working!

In 2017, 16% of workers would have spent more than an hour looking at promotions on their computers at work. To the delight of employers, some traders instead offer the promotion of Cyber ​​week where sales last more than a single day.

Perhaps the less adventurous will try the Cyber ​​Monday experience after experiencing the in-store craziness of Black Friday ! So mark the data from 07 December 2020 on your agenda!

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