Unboxing Knife 2 1 Cutting Board

plank knife pliers Knife 2 1 Cutting Board unboxing

Friends is done! Here is my very first unboxing video as promised on this blog :-)

In the program today the knife clamp with integrated cutting board that I received exactly 10 days after my order! Order made the 25 April receipt the 4 May.

Feel free to react to this video by leaving comments below, but also by sharing on social networks ;-)

Be indulgent it is a first video, I will try to improve myself over time, like the good wine :-)

See you soon


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  • Claude le

    Tool really practical, it was missing in my kitchen tools, I will order immediately.
    Thank you for this demonstration.

  • JG le

    hi, I watched the demo of this knife pliers, and, really I can't wait to receive it, because it would have been very useful for me to cut my 2kgs of zucchini !!!! I prepare this recipe on Sunday for my guests , and my mouth watering, nothing when reading the recipe, which I will improve with various spices… I WILL COME BACK TO YOU FOR THE COMMENTS ON SE PLAT… ..

  • RUBIGNY le

    Awesome this knife clamp !!! how long !!! Great video !!! Beautiful product presentation

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