Test of the cake slicer by our partner "Quandchoupetteetpapounecuisinent"

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The time goes so fast that we never had time to share the feedback of our partner "Quandchoupetteetpapounecuisinent" who had tested in 2017 our cake slicer!

But as we say so well: better late than never! 

This test will always be useful today because we always offer this product, which is free! (click here to receive yours)

"The 2e package comes from "KITCHEN TOOLS "

The site Toolsdecuisine.com belongs to a French company located in Indre et Loire, the company GODEFROY, located in Vernou sur Brenne (37210).

With experience in e-commerce for over 10 years, we put our skills at your disposal to offer you the best products at the best price and with a user experience (UX) comfortable and pleasant.

I have chosen  the very ingenious cake slicer

Cut cake slices in seconds!

This ingenious cake slicer is here to help you easily and perfectly cut a piece of cake evenly without leaving a crumb. Just push the slicer over the cake, squeeze it lightly, then you can drop the slice onto your dinner plate with ease. To you birthdays and holidays without crumb!

Size: 20cm x 15cm x 10cm

  • Advantage:

Hygiene: You do not touch the cake with your fingers
Safety: No sharp blades, safe for children
Practice: Do not crumb, easy to wash

  • Thanks to Jerome for this tool that I will use very soon ... to follow! "

Find the original article directly on the blog of "quandchoupetteetpapounecuisinent" by clicking here.

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