Stéphanie tested for you the free cake slicer

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Our partner "Les Tests de Stéphanie" tried our cake slicer which we offer for free here.

Here is his article:

"Hello, today we’re meeting so that I can give you my opinion on the cake slicer that I was able to test as part of my partnership with Outilsdecuisine

The positive points :

-the slicer has a nice green color

-There is no superfluous packaging a real plus for the ecology

-It cuts perfect parts without damaging the rest of the cake

-It is a safe slicer because it does not cut like blades -It is very simple to use

-It is easy to clean.

The negative points :

-I find the cut parts a little small

Where to buy it?
.On my partner's website it is normally sold at a price of 34.99 euros but at the moment it is free you just need to pay the shipping costs which amount to 9.90 euros.

Conclusion: It is a very practical object for people like me who make a real disaster by cutting the cakes especially those with whipped cream or cream at least with this slicer we have pretty parts, without damaging everything else of the cake or dip his fingers in the cake."

Find his original Facebook post here but also his Blog article with more photos and other comments by clicking here.

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