Our partner Audrey tested the cake slicer

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Last summer, our partner Audrey (The Little Sweets D'Audrey) had tested our clever cake slicer. Unfortunately we had not had the opportunity to relay his article, but as we say "better late than never"!

Very ingenious cake slicer

Here is what she concluded:

"Cut cake parts in seconds!
This ingenious cake slicer is here to help you easily and perfectly cut a piece of cake evenly without crumbling.
Just push the slicer over the cake, squeeze it lightly, then you can put the share in the plate of your guest with ease. To you birthdays and holidays without crumbs!

Hygiene: You do not touch the cake with your fingers.
Security: No sharp blades, safe for children.
Convenient: Do not crumb, easy to wash. "

You can find the whole of his blog article by clicking here.

If you want to book your cake slicer now, you can do it here.

Note that the price displayed (0 €) is not an error, in fact we offer it and you simply ask to participate in shipping costs.

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