"Thanks to Outilsdecuisine.com, I do not cut my fingers anymore"

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Our partner "Mamanetsachipie" has tested for you the finger guard in the shape of Smiley, here is what she says:

"Thanks to Outilsdecuisine.com, I do not cut my fingers anymore"

When you have a husband cook, we are lucky not to set foot in a kitchen and we lose the habit.

So just cooking does not become a chore but a pleasure!

A time for yourself to prepare a dessert, a good dish for his family, with or for his children.

That's why in my kitchen I only do what I like 

I let myself be tempted by a roast veal with her small vegetables ...

So I was able to use and test for you this very practical tools.

A potato in the hand, a knife on the other and I'm equipped with this Smiley finger guard unearthed on the internet: Outilsdecuisine.com.

plastic finger cup shaped smiley plastic finger cup shaped smiley plastic finger cup shaped smiley

"Thanks to this plastic protection that you will pass on the finger like a ring, you can continue counting calmly on your ten fingers! More bandages or waiting interminable emergency"

This finger guard is plastic and the diameter of the finger is adjusted thanks to the notches on the caps.

Very practical and especially that does not take place ...

Vegetables and fruits will have no more secrets for me and ahead for good little dishes without cuts!


Cost of this very handy tool right now : 5.99 €

Small error of cents in my video  

A short video of my product test :

You will see on their site, you will find a whole lot of very nice and practical things for the cooking with family.

But also super funny cooking tools!


Find all their products on their website:


their Facebook page:


Nice discovery and @ Soon ...


Find the original article of Mamanetsachipie directly on his Blog in by clicking here.

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