Choupette and Papoune tested our manual French fries cutter

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Choupette and Papoune have tested our manual French fries cutter and share with you their experience of use and their opinion.
Here is a copy and paste of their Blog article (you can also read it directly on their Blog by clicking here).
31th October, 2021


A small package received this week! This is the site "Kitchen tools".

The latter markets many kitchen utensils, such as molds, kitchen whisks, kitchen scales as well as cake molds and others. You will find the ideal equipment there to make various recipes.

We received a manual stainless steel french fries cutter !
No more chore of cutting your fries with a knife ... with this chip cutter all your fries will be the same size! Safety issue, it has 2 plastic handles and these sharp and close blades will give you perfectly fine results. You can also use it to slice other vegetables and even fruits.

french fries cutter-8320

french fries cutter-8321

french fries cutter-8322

french fries cutter-8323

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We wish you a happy Sunday!

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