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Recipe of blueberry jam using our kitchen thermometer

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Our partner Peggy, from the blog "My daily dishes but not that" presents us its recipe of blueberry jam, with the precious help of our cooking thermometer :-) Ingredients: Blueberries: 125gSugar powder: 62 g1 lemon juice Preparation: Rinse the blueberries and dry them thoroughly. Eliminate the little green tails. In a large saucepan, mix the sugar with 20 and water. Bring to a boil about 10 min until large bubbles form. Add the blueberries and lemon juice. Continue cooking 12 to 15 min. try the jam ...

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Our partner "Au sucrésalé d'Aléa38" offers us a recipe for a cheesecake a bit special: between Brittany and Carambars! Material: - parchment paper - the adjustable pastry ring for sale on you can find here: Adjustable cake circle mold in stainless steel for perfect cakesDo you know how to make good cakes? Congratulations! But are they equally beautiful? Do you know how to present them, highlight them? For a successful cake there are 3 stages: the design, the cooking, then the demolding ... and often it is the disaster! Ingredients (for a cheesecake ...

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moule steel mold individual mold partner partnership recipe receipts Risotto

Recipe idea of ​​our partner "AuSucréSalé d'Aléa 38" who offers us a risotto with chicory and chicken, all realized and presented with our cake circle mold! Material: - an adjustable pastry ring for sale on (click here). Ingredients (for 2-3 people): - 180g of long rice - a box of chopped mushrooms - 2 medium onions - 2 tablespoons of Philadelphia - 20cl of whole liquid cream - a cube of dehydrated poultry stock - 2 chicken fillets - 3 tablespoons liquid chicory - a ...

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Today our partner AuSucréSalé38 details its recipe of oreos-chocolate-strawberry Cheesecake and homemade whipped cream. Foresee 10 minutes of design, 40 minutes of cooking, 2 minutes of tasting (because it's too good!) Then two hours of sport :-) Material: - parchment paper - a whipped cream siphon - a pastry ring on sale Ingredients (for a cheesecake for 2 people): - 60g of oréos- 25g of butter- 200g of Philadelphia- 70g of powdered sugar- a sachet of vanilla sugar- 2 eggs- 2 spoons of chocolate in unsweetened powder- 3-4 strawberries PREHEAT THE OVEN AT 180 ° C. Mix ...

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Avocado Cornet with Cocktail and Shrimp Recipe

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Our partner "Simple everyday cooking" offers you the recipe of avocado cornet cocktail and shrimp sauce, made with our 3 1 Avocado Cutter Peeler. Ingredients: 1 1 avocado / 2 lemon juice Salt, pepper 1 soup spoon of homemade mayonnaise 1 soup spoon of ketchup 1 tablespoon of whiskey 6 cooked shrimp cooked shellfish 6 Flaky Cornets Peeler 3 Avocado Cutting 1 1 * In a bowl mix mayonnaise, ketchup with whiskey. 2 * Using the 3 Avocado Cutting Peeler in 1 cut the avocado in ...

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