2019 Winter Sale

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2019 Winter Sale -30% on Kitchenware.com

The end of year celebrations are barely over so many French people have returned to school or work this morning, but they are already waiting for another big event: the Winter Sale!

And they will not have to wait a long time since the winter sales will begin on Wednesday 09 January 2019 to end on Tuesday 19 February 2019.
Just like you, we are more and more in a hurry, we are doing more and more sales on the Internet rather than wasting time in physical shops, but as you are not enough anymore ... we are Let's complain about having to click left, click right, click, click, click, to try to find THE good deal.
So we made it easy for you: no need to worry about finding the best discount, for these winter sales we offer a discount of 30% on our entire catalog!
To benefit from it, you just need to enter the code below at the time of your order:
You can now start your tracking on the site, and add the products to your cart or to your WishList (wish list).
So from the start of sales Wednesday morning you will only have to validate your order (by entering the coupon code of course!).
Have fun and have fun!
The team of Toolsdecuisine.com

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