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The human being is curious by nature, when we meet our neighbor at the store with a shopping bag filled, we would like to know what he bought (do not tell me that it has never crossed you the mind!).

Besides curiosity, it can sometimes give us ideas ...

That's why we have set up a small notification window that appears at the bottom left of your screen, showing the latest purchases on our site.

customer purchase From the example above we learn that Steven, who lives in Meaux, has just bought a Pineapple Cup.

This system can for example put you in the ear, if you see that many customers buy the same product it is probably that it would be interesting for you to have it too ...

These notifications will also be interspersed (we remain in the terms of the kitchen!) Reviews sent by our users.

notification customer notice

Here Jacqueline tells us that she is delighted to have bought the cutting pliers, maybe it's worth it for you to go see the product sheet to know a little more ...

I hope this feature will seduce you and that it will be useful. 

See you soon for more news!


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