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Another novelty this week!

We know that consumers trust consumers much more than merchants themselves! 

So if a merchant tells you: "this product is the best", few of you will be convinced.

On the other hand, if another customer tells you "I tested it, it is really the best!", Then the doubt will be removed and there will be a phenomenal queue at the checkout!

This is called social proof. This principle has been applied since the beginning of time and it is very human :-)

In addition, consumer reviews may allow the merchant to improve its products or services, possibly to withdraw a product of the sale if it does not satisfy its customers etc ...

A number : 70% customers consult notices or notes before finalizing their purchases.

For all these reasons we have set up a rating and rating system for our products.

Product Reviews

So when you browse our home page or in the Collections, you will be able to see little stars below each product (full if there are already notes, empty if there are no notes yet).

And if you click on a product page, you will be able to see the details of the customer reviews and ratings.

Detailed Ratings

I now have a HUGE service to ask you...

If you have already had the opportunity to test some of our products (and even if you have not bought them by mistake ...), could you give us a few minutes to leave a note and a notice to each of us? these products please? 

Firstly it would help the community, as we explained it will allow potential buyers to get an idea and decide, secondly we will booster and allow us not to submit too long products without notice (it is a little loose is not it?!).

Un HUGE thanks to you for your help!


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    I recommend this site, I will also make other purchases

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    Hi; I have already bought several kitchen tools ;;; I admit that on this site I find the products I need to cook… I will soon have to order the stainless steel circles to make pretty preparations to receive my guests… I WISH GREAT PROSPERITY ON THIS SITE… see you soon !!!!

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