The winner of the contest to win a kitchen scale is ...

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From 10 to 21 July 2019, your favorite cookware site ( offered you the opportunity to win a pretty (and powerful!) kitchen scale to weigh your food to the nearest gram!

We have organized a competition in partnership with the page Overworked Mom But Filled and the page My little life.

The, or rather The winner of this contest is .... (drum roll!):


Congratulations to you Sylvie! 

To be honest with you dear readers, Sylvie has already been contacted and she has already received her gift, but with the summer holidays we did not have time to make the result public and official, it's now something made!

We would like to thank our two partners and of course all of you who participated and played the game.

You may not have won this time but rest assured we still have some nice surprises and other contests to come ...

In the meantime, I invite you to discover our selection of kitchen utensils for the fall season by clicking here.

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